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Developmental pediatrician Dubai: M.D.(Pediatrics) – Stands for Doctor of Medicine in Pediatrics. Typically, M.D. (Pediatrics) is a three-year course, minimum eligibility for which is an M.B.B.S with a 1-year compulsory internship.

Pediatrics focuses on medical care for adolescents, children, and infants. Subjects studied under this course are child care, Anatomy, Nutrition, Child Health, Community Health, Family Welfare, Neonatology and Child Development and Psychology.

I worked in Wadia Pediatric Hospital, a branch of KEM The first year you are a junior resident and have to work very long hours. I remember we had occasionally 48 hours call days. The course was hectic and I do remember fainting once because I had no breakfast and had done call overnight.

Working with children made me realize that I had taken the right decision. I got a Gold Medal for standing first in my batch in the exams for MD Pediatrics.

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