Does My Child Have Autism?

Does My Child Have Autism Dubai? Look Inside Your Child’s Mind & Understand His Or Her’s Difficulties

Does my child have autism Dubai? Understand the difficulties your child has with language, cognition, memory & emotions

Does my child have autism Dubai: Please invest a few minutes of your time to watch the video below. It spells out what difficulties your child might have. Or if you prefer to read, then feel free to skip the video and go straight to the text below:

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Does my child have autism Dubai: Language

If your child is on the autistic spectrum, they will probably have difficulty with communication in general. Language, which is a big part of communication, is affected greatly. Therefore, your child may be unable to speak at all, babble incoherently, or clearly speak in sentences but which may or may not be relevant.

The gestures and other aspects of communication like pointing, looking at you when you are speaking or nodding his or her head to say yes is also delayed. In fact, this aspect of communication usually comes before language and is often delayed even when kids on the spectrum are talking.

Your child may have the excellent expressive vocabulary, but he or she may be unable to use it in the correct context, or may just repeat what you have said. For example, if you ask, “Are you sad?” your child may respond with by repeating ‘are you sad’ or just ‘sad’ – understanding that you have asked a question, but not being able to answer it.

Your child’s language may be nonsensical or echolalic (repetition of something he or she heard). His or her speech may be monotonous or indistinct and unless your child is on the high functioning side of the spectrum or has Asperger’s Syndrome, they may be unable to express their feelings or emotions, share experiences or hold a conversation.

Helping your child learn to use language is difficult. It takes dedication and a whole lot of love and patience. After a comprehensive assessment, and rigorous therapy, you can help your child to identify the context of language and you can teach him or her to share with you.

It is a long process but it is worth it to hear your child ask for what they need or simply speak. However, do not wait for the language but give them a way to communicate e.g. with PECS or Picture Exchange Communication. Research has shown that PECS increases the chances of the child talking.

Does My Child Have Autism Dubai? Look Inside Your Child's Mind & Understand His Or Her's Difficulties

Does My Child Have Autism Dubai?

Does my child have autism Dubai? To receive information to help your child send me a WhatsApp message on +971525608641

Does my child have autism Dubai: Cognitive impairments

The ability to plan, to arrange events in order and to wait for what you want is referred to as ‘executive abilities or Executive Function’. If your child is on the Autism Spectrum (ASD), they may experience difficulty with the development of the following things:

  1. Plan an activity or even do purposeful tasks
  2. Understanding the concept of time
  3. The ability to motivate oneself to do tasks especially things others want
  4. What all of us refer to as ‘common sense’

So your child’s behavior may be rigid, inflexible and repetitive, which is typical for anyone with ASD.

Your child has a large store of knowledge. He or she may know about many things, but often will be unable to apply what they know. So you may see him or her as impulsive, very detail oriented, and obsessive.

All of us want meaning and patterns from the time we were children. They are comforting to us. You yourself want to find continuity in the details you are given.

For example, as you are reading this sentence, you automatically read words instead of individual letters and group those words into clear sentences that make sense to you.

You are able to see the pattern in what is being presented to you and find meaning in it. You are also able to understand that certain details aren’t important, like moving around furniture, or having a cup of tea instead or coffee, or a spelling mistake.

These changes in the pattern can be distressing and/or confusing for your child; you can understand that the error in the word ‘spelling’ above does not change its meaning, but your child may not.

Therefore your child may:

  1. Insist on sameness
  2. Give attention to detail rather than whole
  3. Insist on routine
  4. Have obsessional preoccupations
  5. Have special or extraordinary skills

Helping your child learn things that come naturally to others can be difficult, but you can do it. We are here to support you and your child and provide you with the necessary tools for therapy and ultimate change.

Does my child have autism Dubai? To receive information to help your child send me a WhatsApp message on +971525608641

Does my child have autism Dubai: Memory

All our memory processing is different. Similarly, your child may have an exceptional memory when it comes to facts. However, your child may be unable to reflect on his or her own thoughts because of the problems he or she has with “Theory of Mind”.

This means remembering facts related to personal events such as feeling confused about a situation or waking up excited with anticipation on a birthday or remembering that it is wrong to hit someone is difficult. Your child may also have difficulty remembering strategies.

Your child may also have trouble remembering doing something. For example, if your child breaks something and tells you he or she did not do it, it is possible that they remember the object is broken, but do not remember actually breaking it.

Your child may require cues in order to remember themselves doing things in the past, remembering strategies or any personal thoughts about certain situations. This is an impairment in his or her personal episodic memory.

Does my child have autism Dubai? To receive information to help your child send me a WhatsApp message on +971525608641

Does my child have autism Dubai: Problem-solving

When faced with a problem, anybody can feel stressed. However, you and I have the necessary skills to reflect on the issue and find a solution. Your child may not have this luxury. Having problems with self-awareness prevents your child from looking at their own role and ability to solve a problem. This then overwhelms them.

His or her ability may also be affected by their inability to see the whole picture. As you know, your child is very focused on details, and this can have a negative effect on problem-solving.

Your child may also be highly sensitive and rigid in his or her thinking which may lead to panic attacks or outbursts which also impairs the ability to solve problems.

Teaching your child to be calm and reflective can help him or she finds solutions to conflicts and problems on their own.

Does my child have autism Dubai? To receive information to help your child send me a WhatsApp message on +971525608641

Does my child have autism Dubai: Emotional problems

When you see someone get up and walk towards a door after a meeting, you know they are about to leave. You probably know by the way they walk, how they open and close the door, the context in which they left, what their emotional state is.

If they left abruptly and stomped out, slamming the door behind them, you know they are angry and agitated about something that happened at the meeting.

If they leave after saying goodbye and thank you and they walk towards the door and gently close it behind them you know they are happy and the meeting was probably successful.

Your child may not know this. They may not understand that walking towards the door indicates that the person is about to leave. They may understand that they are agitated, but not why.

Your child may find people confusing or even frightening which may result in him or her becoming withdrawn and not socializing with others.

Your child experiences all kinds of emotions but he or she cannot necessarily express them or identify them. This may make it difficult to develop relationships or control their own emotions. This leads to outbursts and tantrums.

If your child’s intellectual and academic ability is more developed, this emotional immaturity becomes more problematic for him or her because it is less socially acceptable. It also affects his or her learning, as it is difficult to motivate themselves to learn.

They do not see the need to please their teachers or guardians so will not learn a task just to make you happy. The stress of new tasks may lead to emotional outbursts and withdrawal instead of stimulating learning.

It is important to help your child identify emotions in others, and learn how to react appropriately to situations. We are here to support you and help your child make friends learn about life in a happy and safe place.

Does My Child Have Autism Dubai? Look Inside Your Child's Mind & Understand His Or Her's Difficulties

Dr. Rajeshree Singhania

Does my child have autism Dubai? To receive information to help your child send me a WhatsApp message on +971525608641

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