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Language Development In Children Dubai | Get Early Diagnosis & Act Faster

Language development in children Dubai: Milestone delays, specific language impairment, important signs & actions to help your child’s language

Language development in children Dubai: Language is a very specialized characteristic of the human race. It is a highly complex form of communication and exists in all peoples of the world. A non-verbal baby starts saying single words by around 1 year, two-word sentences by 2 years and is more or less fluent by 3 years.

Please invest 2 minutes of your time to watch the language development in children Dubai video below. It spells out how you can benefit. Or if you prefer to read, then feel free to skip the video and go straight to the text below:

Language development in children Dubai: To receive information to help your child send me a WhatsApp message on +971525608641

However, language comprehension or how much a child understands is as important as an expression or talking. Comprehension comes before talking and before the child turns one year of age he or she can understand more than 50% of what she can say.

Another aspect of language is communication through facial expression, eye contact, and gestures. These are well advanced before the child talks and start from age 6 months. The child is able to point etc before he speaks.

Language development in children Dubai: Delay in milestones

Delay in milestones in language may be because they are late bloomers or do have true language development in children.

‘Normal delay’ in language can be attributed to bilingualism, lack of social contact, watching too much television and the inherent ability to talk.

Frequent allergies and ear infections can also delay talking. Boys talk a bit later than girls.

Language delay can be due to Specific Language Impairment but also may be seen with ADHD, Autism, and other Development Disorders.

Dr. Rajeshree Singhania

Language development in children Dubai: To receive information to help your child send me a WhatsApp message on +971525608641

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Language development in children Dubai: Some important signs

Some important signs that may indicate the risk of the above disorders in a late-talking child in the 18- to 30-month-old age range are:

  • Receptive language: Understanding language generally precedes expression and use. Some studies that have followed-up late-talking children in this age range have found, after a year, that age-appropriate receptive language discriminated late bloomers from children who had true language delays. Delay in this area was likely to produce worse outcomes
  • Use of gestures: Lack of gestures maybe be a harbinger of worse outcomes. One study has found that the number of gestures used by late-talking children with comparably low expressive language can indicate later language abilities. Children with a greater number of gestures used for different communication purposes are more likely to catch up with peers
  • Progress in language development: Although a child may be slow in language development, he or she should still be doing new things with language at least every month. If the child stops or regresses in his or her language development then there may be a risk for a worse outcome
  • Cognitive impairment- if the child is delayed in other milestones as well – he or she may have a cognitive or intellectual impairment

Whatever the cause of the language delay, an earlier diagnosis leads to early intervention and better outcomes.

More than one study has indicated that the older the child at the time of diagnosis, the less positive the outcome. Also, if a child is only developing slowly during an age range when other children are rapidly progressing (e.g. 24-30 months) that child will be falling farther behind.

Early intervention is the key to better outcomes

If you suspect that your child is not developing as quickly as he should, do not wait or hesitate but seek help.

Language development in children Dubai: To receive information to help your child send me a WhatsApp message on +971525608641

For more information on signs and symptoms please click here

Language development in children Dubai: 12 things to do to help your child’s language

  • The more one talks to a child’s face to face the better is language development at age 17 months and 7 years as reported by many studies. So talk to your child- A LOT
  • Avoid television, IPads, and other electronic devices till the age of 2 years or till the child is talking. The American Academy of Pediatrics bans these in young children.
  • If the child has allergies or chronic rhinitis or ear infections seek medical help and treat thoroughly
  • Be sure to have tested your child’s hearing
  • Do not criticize your child language attempts, speech patterns or pronunciations. Do not overcorrect pronunciations or the child will just stop talking
  • Follow your child’s lead. Talk about what interests him or her. Let her do the talking HAVE PATIENCE!
  • Read to your child. It’s never too early to read – start from infancy
  • Listen to music and sing to him or her nursery rhymes
  • Go out on field trips and discuss what you have done
  • Rather than asking questions make commentary on what your child is doing
  • Have a routine so that the child can anticipate what will happen next
  • Use Symbolic or Doll play as language is symbolic and this kind of play will help symbolic development

Language Development In Children

Language development in children Dubai: To receive information to help your child send me a WhatsApp message on +971525608641

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Language Development In Children | Get Early Diagnosis & Act Faster
Language development in children: Milestone delays, specific language impairment, important signs & actions to help your child's language
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